Cheap and quick move

I moved many times and I’ve got to say that the best way to move is to hire a moving company. I tried moving on my own thinking that I’ll save money, but I had to use all my vacation days and in the end it did not pay off. I tried truck rental and moved with the help of my friends, but providing lunches and paying for miles driven did not pay off either.

Overall my best bet for my third move was to try hiring a moving company. I looked online and I found It was the best and cheapest way for me and my family. The movers I hired were extremely helpful with carrying all furniture and we got job done in one day! I was so relieved and I did not even have to take time off work!


About the state

Cheap moving in Arizona has the same principles as in every other state. Arizona is not the cheapest state, but it has many advantages when it comes to moving, When moving in southern part of the state one can take advantage of the weather. Winters are very mild and summers very hot, but dry. Dry and warm weather is always helpful when it comes to moving. Moving in northern Arizona is not the easiest. Here we have to deal with snow and mountains.

Arizona is overall pleasant but we have to take into account the part of the state where we plan our move and prepare for what awaits us there. Every move is different and the only way for a cheap move is to plan, read and organize.

About this blog

Arizona is a state full of great cities and places to visit. I moved here from Minnesota, one of the coldest states. It was a big decision to take and I always wondered if I’ll be happy anywhere where there is no snow in the winter.

Luckily, I am very happy here and I already moved a few times during my years of living here. I got to know various parts of Arizona and I must say that it is a great place to live.

In this blog I will give some instructions to those who plan on moving to Arizona or within Arizona. I know the best moving companies and I learned a lot on my own mistakes